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Transitioning Your Home for Fall

Saying goodbye to summer is never easy! But with the shorter days and cooler temperatures, comes the excitement of fall decor! Switching up your decor seasonally is always a great idea - it keeps you on trend and ensures you wonít get too tired of your space when youíre all cooped up on those colder days. Iíve put together a few easy ways to do this without breaking the bank.

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A Warmer Palette

The colours outside are changing, so the the colours inside should be too! Move away from the cooler hues of summer decor and try incorporating terracotta, copper, burnt oranges and rust into your palette. Switching out pillows and throws is the most inexpensive way to stick with the seasons - not to mention you can store them and re-use them every year. Donít forget about the little textiles like tea towels, napkins and table runners. Just be sure that your new additions donít overpower or clash with your current decor!

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Cozy Lighting

After enjoying a cool fall day - there is nothing better than coming home to a cozy space. Achieve a soft glow in any room by switching out your bulbs for warmer light, or adding a new lamp! Lamps are also a great opportunity to incorporate those beautiful autumn colours into the shade and base!

Storage Solutions

Back to school looks a little different this year, so keeping school supplies, back packs, shoes and coats organized is more important than ever - especially if the kids are staying home. Take into consideration the colour and material of your new storage unit - try adding pieces made from natural materials or warm woods to complement the fall hues.

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Seasonal Wall Art

If you are switching out other elements of your space to compliment those fall vibes, a new piece of wall art can help pull it all together. While new wall art can be a more costly option- but it can be easily stored and used again every fall season.

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Earthy Accents & Autumn Greenery

Oh how I love bringing the outdoors in - and what better time to do it then fall! Earthy accents like wicker baskets, ratan trays and wooden bowls can work so well with the warm colours of fall. Or try adding real or faux autumn inspired wreathes and flower arrangements to your kitchen, foyers, and entertainment areas.

I hope these quick fixes help you fall in love with your space again!

Happy decorating!


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