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Our Guide to Flooring

Flooring can be one of the biggest investments you make when redesigning a space. Arguably the furnish with the most amount of traffic and wear and tear - flooring should be chosen with a lot of thought and consideration!

In todayís blog we will walk you through popular flooring options, pros and cons, and questions you should always when replacing your flooring.

Things To Consider

There are so many factors involved when it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home!

Lifestyle | Day-to-day life and routine can help narrow down a flooring type. How often is the space entertained in? Are there often babies or small children with toys? What type of activities will occur in the room?

Pets | Our furry friends can cause a lot of damage to flooring over time. Consider a durable material that is less likely to scratch or dent. We recommend ceramic or porcelain tiles and vinyl.

Location | The type of room that you are giving the upgrade to can help determine the flooring used. Is it a high traffic area? Is is exposed to moisture or salt? How warm do you want the space to be? For example, porcelain tile might not be best for a living/tv room.

Maintenance | Keep in mind how much up-keep your chosen flooring type will require. How you will clean it? Is it moisture resistant?


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Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

Most cost-effective


Easy to clean but grout requires more maintenance

More difficult to install your self

Wide variety of colours, textures and finished



Warm and natural look and feel

Generally the most expensive flooring option - depending on quantity and type of wood

Susceptible to moisture. Not to be used in bathrooms, basements etc.

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Real hardwood veneer attached to layers of ply wood

Slightly less expensive than true hardwood

Easy to install


Inexpensive alternative to hardwood & engineered

Durable, resistant to scratches

Easy to install yourself and can be installed over some existing flooring

Can look and feel artificial

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Luxury Vinyl Plank

Extremely durable - resistant to stains, water and traffic

Look and feel of wood

Easy to install


Softer under-foot compared to tile, hardwood, and laminate

Vinyl Tile

Popular choice for high-moisture areas such as basements


Wide variety of colour options

Softer under-foot compared to tile, hardwood, and laminate

There is a lot to consider - but donít be intimated! Just be sure to get all of the knowledge and professional help you need to do it right the first time.

Happy designing!


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