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Elevate Your Dining Space

I canít believe I am saying this but itís almost November - and for many of us that means getting our home ready for the upcoming holiday celebrations! While the traditional holiday parties might look a little bit different this year, you can still prep your home, and more importantly your dining room for some intimate social gatherings with close friends and family.

Your dining room might not be number one on your to-do list - but as one of the main entertainment areas of your home it deserves all the TLC it can get! From light fixtures to wall art - right down to your dish ware - mindfully selecting the final touches on your dining space can make a world of a difference the overall look and feel. Here are some things to consider! 


Imagine the ambience of your favourite restaurant - now think about the lighting. Was it too bright? Did the lighting complement the style and mood? The last thing you want is for your guests to feel overwhelmed by the lighting in your dining room. If your overhead light fixture is too bright - consider supplementing the lighting in the space with a stylish floor lamp tucked into a corner! Or if it fits into your budget consider committing to a new light fixture - but make sure it complements the style of your space Work with all sources of light - main fixtures, lamps, natural light and even candles to find the perfect balance.

Table Styling

Curate a stunning tablescape with stylish linens, dish ware and other decorative items! Styling your dining table with unique pieces will quickly make it the focal point of the room. Try layering runners, placemats, dishes and other decorative accessories that complement the style and colour scheme of your space. But be very careful not to go overboard - you donít want your table to appear cluttered. 

  • When it comes to runners, serviettes, and placemats - incorporate textures and colours that complement the upholstery of your chairs, area rugs and drapery. 
  • Always remember that proportion is key. If youíre choosing a centrepiece - make sure to consider height! For example, if you have low-hanging light fixture, a low centrepiece might be best. 
  • Bring the outdoors in with some simple fall or winter inspired natural pieces - a bowl of pinecones, rosemary sprigs tied to serviettes or naturally shaped wood centrepieces 

      Wall Art

      Empty wall space can make a room appear bare and uninviting - so one of the easiest ways to quickly elevate a room is by adding some decorative wall art. Wall art can become a focal point, discussion pieces, or simply provide a pop of colour and interest. Check our guide to wall art for more tips!

      Area Rugs

      If you find your dining room lacking in the ďcozyĒ department - adding an area rug under your table and chairs will do just the trick! An area rug will help ground your furniture and add warmth to your dining room in the colder months. Itís also a quick fix if youíre looking into replacing your flooring but arenít quite ready for the commitment yet. Make sure to consider the type of material, colours and textures to ensure it complements the rest of your space. We have an area rug guide too for all of your questions!

      Bench Seating

      If the space and current furniture pieces can afford it - a cushioned bench seat can be the perfect addition to level up your dining room. The material of the bench and fabric of the cushions are an easy way add some colour and texture to your space - and bench seats usually allow for an extra plate at the table! 

      You can easily entertain your guests with confidence without any huge design commitments! Just be sure that any additions complement your current furnishes and finishes - but most importantly your personal style!
      Happy decorating!

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