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Common Design Mistakes Part II

Itís been quite a while since our last blog on common design mistakes - so I decided it was time for another!

Finding the perfect balance of elements is one of the most difficult aspects of design! The pendulum is always swinging from too much to too little - and it can be overwhelming at times. Whether youíre in-between design decisions, or simply canít pinpoint whatís throwing off your current design, these tips will guide you to finding that perfect balance and confidence in your space!

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Dark Furniture in Small Spaces

One of my favourite design challenges is working with small spaces! There is nothing more rewarding than finishing a room that feels larger than it did before started. There are so many tips and tricks for maximizing space - light or neutral walls, adding mirrors - the list goes on! The shade of your furniture is also something to take into consideration. Dark furniture can easily absorb light, and contribute the appearance of a small space. Choosing lighter furniture pieces for smaller living areas or bedrooms can help visually expand the space!

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Too Much of the Same Shape

A lot of people tend to stick to the same shape when it comes to decorating! Whether youíre styling a coffee table or open shelving, breaking up straight edges and angles can keep the the space flowing! For example, try layering vases or bowls on top of books and boxes. If youíre finding you have too many round pieces - try grounding them with a rectangular area rug!

Not Enough Lighting

In all forms of art - lighting is everything. The quality of lighting in a studio or on the set of a photo shoot can make or break the final result. The same applies to interior design! You may have already chosen the perfect colour palette, furniture pieces, and decor accents - but if your lighting is not up to par, it could be throwing off the look and feel of the entire space. Poor lighting can make a room appear smaller, and it can take away from the main features of your space. But enough of the right lighting will maximize your finishes and furnishes!

  • Supplement single light source with a stylish lamp or two 
  • Consider lighter window covers and drapery
  • Switch out light fixtures and shades that offer optimal light

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Too Much of the Same Material

Whether itís kitchen and bathroom hardware, or furniture upholstery - too much of the same material can become overwhelming. Juxtaposing different materials can help keep balance and vital interest throughout your space. For example, layering natural materials with more sleek metallics can help them stand out even more. If the upholstery on your living room furniture is consistent - try adding some interest with throw pillows or throw of a different material as well!

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Too Much of the Same Wall Art

Wall art is one of the best ways to bring a space from 0 to 100 - plus it has the added bonus of not taking up any floor space! But too much of the same type of wall art can the opposite of creating interest. Curate your walls with art of all shapes and sizes - making sure that they complement the current colour palette and style of course!

  • Combine framed and unframed pieces
  • Opt for multiple complementing pieces instead of one large piece
  • Consider installing shelves to display unique pieces like pottery and vases

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