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Top 2021 Design Updates

It’s a new year (thank goodness), but it looks like we will all be stuck at home for a little while longer! So with New Year’s Resolutions in full swing, why not add a few more to list and make 2021 the year you finally get to some much needed home improvements and upgrades.

Whether you’re looking to invest a pretty penny, or not - this list of our top 10 design updates will help leave you inspired, and your home refreshed!

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Remote learning and working from home is becoming the new normal - so now is the perfect time to create a space for work, assignments, reading and research! Fully upgrade your spare bedroom into an office, or get creative with unused space like a nook in your kitchen or living area.

With the uncertainty of travel and destination getaways this year, give your outdoor spaces the TLC they need for the perfect #staycation! Whether you’re in need of an oasis for some alone time, or an opportunity for fun with the whole family - upgrading your gardens and patios is a worth while investment. Plant gardens with the kiddos for the ultimate home-schooling activity, add a fire-pit for small get togethers, or spice up your patio with new furniture and decor. Shop some of our favourites below!

Wayfair Bowl Cast Iron Fire Pit
Pottery Barn Rattan Lanterns
Pottery Barn All Wicker Sofa

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Eventually we will all be able to invite our friends into our homes again - so arming your home with as many tools for keeping your space clean and your family safe is more important than ever! Our list of go-to sanitary items for the home this year include stylish sanitizing stations, air purifiers, and ultra-violet devices. If you’re planning on upgrading finishes in your home this year, you might want to consider materials that can withstand heavy duty cleaning - such as stone, quartz and porcelain. Touch-less faucets in bathrooms and kitchens are also a great idea!

Whether you’re building something from the ground up, or up-cycling second hand finds - DIY projects are perfect for 2021 budgets of all kinds! Take a trip to your local restore or online marketplace and bring your DIY dreams to life. With an endless amount of online resources and tutorials, the furniture piece, or decor item you’ve been eyeing is within reach - and think about how great it will feel to put something you’ve made on display - for a fraction of the price. 

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Create a dedicated space for mindful exercise, and invest in your health and home with a home gym! Having a separate space for weight lifting, yoga, or high intensity exercise can make it easier to stay motivated and avoid distraction while crushing your new years fitness goals. Turn your home-gym into a beautiful space by adding decor such as wall-art, or stylish lighting. Exercising in nature has also been shown to improve both physical and mental health - so why not bring the outdoors into your home gym with some air-purifying greenery.

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Improved and frequent self-care routines should be at the top of everyone’s New Year’s resolution list - and turning your master bath or ensuite into a sanctuary might be exactly what you need to make this a priority. Create a relaxing space with simple decor additions like luxurious rugs, candles, and greenery! If you’re working with a bigger budget, upgrade to heated flooring, steam showers, and dimmed lighting for the ultimate experience. Take a look at some of these dreamy bathrooms we’ve saved for 2021 inspiration!

One of the best ways to refresh any space is by revisiting the colour scheme - or lack- there of! It always amazes me how the simple refinement of existing colours, or addition of new ones - can transform the look and feel of a room. It might not be not rocket science - but there is a lot involved in understanding colours and how they work together (or don’t work together) - so before making any commitments make sure to do your research - or book a colour consultation so you’re absolutely confident in your design decisions!

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With everyone spending a little bit more time at home, common areas might be getting a little bit too crowded. Now is the perfect time to invest in upgrading your basement space for both work and play! Unfinished basements are perfect for laundry, food storage, home gyms, or even art studios for yourself or the kids - not to mention this can make more space on the upper levels of your home. Upgrade finished basements with new and improved lighting, bright wall art, mirrors (great for reflecting light and making a space appear larger), or activities for the family (think sports bar or games room)!

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Decluttering and reorganizing your home is a great way to start the new year feeling like a new person! Simply go through playrooms, pantries, junk drawers and closets and PURGE! Or take it an extra mile further and add built in storage units to these spaces to keep clutter away and easy to access. Organization can also look great - try decorative baskets and bins or stylish storage hutches or ottomans that double at seating. Check out our blog on decluttering and organization for more tips!

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Last but certainly not least - simply upgrade your everyday items into pieces you that make you swoon! With all of this time spent at home, why not invest in turning the daily, often mundane tasks - into a thing of beauty! Express your personal style with unique artisan dishware, upgrade your bedding and throws, or treat yourself to some fresh loungewear. The more you love the little things in your home the more easily you can express gratitude for a safe space!

I hope these ideas have sparked inspiration for your 2021 home improvements! Wishing you all the best this New Year - we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

With love, Kristina

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